The Palladio Composite door is one of the finest composite doors you’ll find on the market today. With it’s innovative design, the composition of the door differs from all others in its unique Monocoque structure.

  • Palladio Composite Doors manufactured in Limerick,
  • a 65mm reinforced Monocoque Composite Door. Available in a wide range of colours & designs
  • Triple glazed as standard (Internally glazed)
  • Energy rated
  • Now available with a 10 point locking system.

With the Palladio door, you can customise the look, without ever compromising the performance. Choose from a great range of styles, colours and, of course, decorative glazing. With a choice of classical and contemporary door styles in 11 striking colours, with woodgrain effect and a wide range of decorative glazing options, the possibilities are endless.

Palladio Colour Options